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FEMA Blue Roof Tarp


Size: 20' X 25'

20' X 25'


Self-help hurricane tarps, AKA blue tarps, are designed as a temporary cover, to seal off contents of damaged homes or building structures until permanent repairs can be made. The tarps are large, loose-fitting sheets of waterproof material that can be tied to structures with grommets.  Tarps are made of polymeric materials that are resistant to water, ice, and air. Tarps typically last up to 3-6 months on the roof until roof repairs can be made. Tarps are 20' x 25' and are used after major storms. Each tarp is packed with two 100 ft, black parachute chords for tie down.

  • Kit includes (1) 20’ ft. x 25’ ft. tarp, with (2) 100’ ft., polyester ropes.
  • Corners and edges are reinforced and finished with grommets, 3’ft spacing.
  • Made from fire retardant woven polyethylene at IAW Class A ASTM E84-11
  • UV resistance: 80% after 200 hrs. per ASTM D7238-06.
  • Designed for temporary shelter and as an emergency roof covering solution.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor protection
  • Bulk pricing available

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