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Blue Roof Sheeting


Size: 20' X 100'

20' X 100'


Heavy-duty FEMA Blue Roof Sheeting is ideal for quickly protecting structures from rain, wind, and debris. Designed as a quick to use solution in disaster areas to make homes habitable and to reduce additional potential water damages. Sheeting is installed using 1×2 wood battens and framing nails to secure and tighten them to be able to last on roofs for years if needed. The Blue Roof Sheeting is primarily for residences with less than 50 percent of roof structure damage. There is no other temporary roofing product out there that will last as long keeping water out, holding up to wind, and not degrading from sun exposure.

  • Roll Size; 20’ ft X 100’ ft
  • 10 mil thicknes
  • Extrusion laminated sheeting, string reinforced.
  • Reinforcement Polyester 1,000 Denier
  • UV resistance: 80% after 200 hrs. per ASTM D7238-20
  • Flame Retardant Class A - NFPA 701-15

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